We're building a fully featured business bank account that automates your accounting by integrating directly with HMRC

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How it works

We believe tax can be made so simple, anyone can do it! We've broken it down to just three simple steps
To start off with, we hook you up with our shiny new bank account and connect your Companies House and HMRC accounts
When you make a transaction we automatically classify it into it's appropriate regulatory category
Once we have your transactions categorised, we handle the sums and send them off to HMRC so you don't need to worry about it

What we offer

Made for you

You don't need to have an accountant to file your taxes! We've made the process super simple so you can take care of all your responsibilities in just a couple of clicks

Pay yourself

We work out the optimal way to pay yourself between salary and dividends so that you know you're always getting the most bang for your buck

Tax Optimisation

Our team of experts are working hard to integrate all of the subtle ways you may be entitled to a bit more of your money back

Real Balance Estimation

Instantly know how much you really have in the bank, so that you're prepared for when the next tax bill comes in!

Transaction Classification

We use an advanced machine learning algorithm to predict which categories your transactions fall under

Receipt Capture

Quickly snap your receipts and store them safely on the cloud so you don't have to hold on to all those nasty paper copies

Receipt Categories

Our intelligent camera can read your receipt, analyse how much VAT you can claim back and automatically mark it against a specific transaction

Smart Invoicing

Automate your invoicing pipelines and process payments through our handy dashboard

Tax Filing

We handle all of the sums, you sit back and relax knowing that your accounts have been safely taken care of in the most cash effective way possible

Tax Reminders

Never miss a tax filing again! We will notify you when you have any upcoming responsability to take care of

Knowledgeable Support

We're a team of experts that have felt the pain points of filing taxes first hand. We're on a mission to make this easier and are always on hand to help

Make Tax Digital ready

Make Tax Digital (MTD) is a new legislation by HMRC being introduced in 2019 that will require taxes to be submitted using software. Let us help you get ready for it

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